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Using efficient search engine optimisation (SEO) and website marketing techniques is the only long term way to achieve great success with your website and maximize return on investment. Visit our Liverpool office and you will meet a team of experts that use a mixture of techniques aimed at improving your search engine positions, traffic, click through and improve awareness of your brand:

  • Search engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Social Media

We provide SEO Liverpool, but work with clients from all areas of the UK. Our strategy will be tailored to your requirements meaning local based business strategies are completely different to national or global e-commerce website strategies. Our search engine marketing campaign will focus around your key requirements and based on your business objectives and market sector.

Quick wins will be utilised where possible to ensure our work starts paying for itself as quickly as possible. Therefore if you already have search engine listings on page 2,3,4 of Google we can quickly help improve these positions rather than spending the year working on phrases that are 50 pages down.  A report from Optify concludes that moving up to the 1st place on Google from second or third could triple visits to your website and with less than 2% of visitors ever moving to page 2 these quick wins can drive drastic  traffic improvements very quickly.

SEO encompasses

Initial SEO Appraisal & Report; which outlines the areas for improvement, and addresses your current positions, keywords etc. This document will lay down the foundations and goals for the work to follow.
Search Engine Optimisation maintenance; this work is carried out weekly or monthly depending on budget to ensure that your website climbs the search engine rankings and achieves first-page listings and then retails the position.

SEO maintenance; the Search Engine Optimisation world is constantly changing as search engines change their algorithms. We have to work hard to ensure we constantly monitor and adjust your program of work to keep you on top;

Periodic &  Monthly SEO Reports; which detail your entire SEO strategy and work to be done.

Search Friendly Copy-writing; forms a key aspect, whether on page on writing back linking articles.

SEO Training; to allow you to contribute or indeed control your website content more effectively

Link building / backlinks; the major page ranking factor involves creating relevant ‘good authority’

Recommend website improvements; based on your website structure and data also use our understanding of your market to find any gaps which will help you rank above your competitors and improve long tail keywords.

Working with your current developers; if we can’t access your site we can write detailed instructions for your team to work on.

Some of the techniques we use for improving SEO include:

  • Eliminating duplicate and repetitive content and improving URL structures
  • On .net sites we ensure reduction / removal of view state so robots crawl the content
  • Copywriting on site, articles, blogs, page titles and meta
  • Link building / Back Links

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