KPI Software

Developed for the housing and support organisation People Can Northwest Online created  Online an KPI Software Solution (Key Performance Indicator) that was more than capable of collecting and reporting on data across several hundred locations nationwide.

The administration module allows the head office team to easily create the key performance indicators that the satellite locations around the UK can complete remotely. This allows the organisation to gather any data about the business in a matter of hours.

The database has a user friendly web based interface that allows each office to report their monthly Key Performance data to the head office. The data is collated and reports are created instantaneously for head office and  stakeholders alike.

The system – capable of running on any PC or PDA equipped with a web browser  – eliminates licensing and installation costs associated with traditional KPI software.  This type of delivery also means system amendments, or additional KPI’s  are instantly delivered across the system and to all users with no cost implications.

Other KPI System Functions:

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) can be created in a matter of seconds and helpful hints allocated to each one to aid users. System administrators can limit the type of data entered by the user (i.e. Date, Numeric, Text, Calculation etc) and can create equation based indicators using adynamic equation tool.

Completion of KPI’s can be monitored by system administrators – allowing the creation of timeframe’s within which the KPI’s should be completed and then automatically alerting the user and administrator that the deadline for completion is approaching or past. Submitted reports can then be accepted or denied by the administrator – allowing the reason for rejection to be posted directly to the user upon their next login.

  • Accept and decline questionnaires
  • Track managers and system users workload and responses
  • Rollout new questionnaires across the system with the touch of a button
  • Create, store and run reports across different levels of the system and over different offices
  • Allow read only access to other stakeholders

Administrators can control everything from creating new KPI’s, creation of any reports, user access via location and time ( users can be locked out of the system via IP restriction so they cannot access the system out outside a work location and by the time of day).

One of the most impressive features of the system it the Dynamic Report Generator. This module allows the creation and storage of reports and report templates – allowing future users to simply select the report and then change the date or specifics on which that report is to be run.

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