Intranet Design

In its most basic form a company intranet is a web site that is only available to employees internal to your organisation. They typically contain details relevant to your employees and internal processes, including such features as:

  • Document Management
  • HR Software Modules
  • Company News & Events information
  • Fire precaution & procedure documents
  • Telephone directories & staff list
  • Customer relations database
  • Supply schedules
  • Key files & documents
  • Stock availability
  • Internal references (part numbers, etc)
  • Client or Supplier specific information
  • Financial Information

Extranet Design

An extranet is similar to a company intranet but the software is accessible to a wider audience, including companies external to your own organisation.  The main purpose of an extranet is often to increase inefficiencies in the organisation and supply chain.

Company Intranet Design Examples

  • Wirehouse-Es;  Legal Advice Management System; Document Management, News, Contract Management, Advice & Issue Tracking, Full Client CRM, Calendar, To Do Functions & Notifications, Usage Statistics &user tracking
  • Blue Apple; Staff, Wages, Invoices, Purchases, News, Notices, Expenses, Accruals, Transfers, Tills & Vending Machine Takings, Sage Export, Online Menu
  • Urgent Care;  Support System:Jobs, Documents, News, Support / Issue Tracking
  • Next Stage; Document Management System, News, Client & Customer Management

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