Supporting People & Housing Software Solutions

Creating a dynamic Supporting People and Housing software solution has been high on Northwest Online’s agenda. Over the last few years we have been working with People Can to develop a flexible and Housing Supporting System / Key Performance system for the – the housing and support services organisation across its UK services.

This system is available for Purchase or Lease basis. The lease is based on the number of users per month.

The key advantages of this type of system focus around its flexibility and its web based development platform. The system is capable of running online via Internet, Intranet, Extranet, VPN or Private Network – which eliminates licensing costs seen with other physical software products and means a central system amendment or update is instantly delivered across the network.

The system has been designed to collate data from regional Offices for use by the Policy & Performance Team but its architecture would allow this to be expanded to over hundreds of regional locations.

Bespoke Supporting People & Housing Software Solutions

By utilising Microsoft’s .NET platform and Web 2.0 technologies such as AJAX we can now build and deliver systems over the internet that our comparable to desktop software applications – but without the licensing costs.

These systems can have tiered access levels which allow administrators to set exactly what parts of the system different users can access.

Key features include the ability to add, remove or amend almost any part of the data collection process including controlling the type and validity of data collected. The ability to collect accurate and timely data in a dynamic environment allows administrators to set and track every piece of information and easily respond to staff members without the need for numerous telephone calls and emails. System managers have the ability to post advice about the data entered by any staff member directly to the staff member or post a system wide news article informing system users within a few seconds. They have the ability to add Help topics next to any question and upload useful supporting material. In addition to these features the system can:

  • Accept and decline questionnaires
  • Track managers and system users workload and responses
  • Rollout new questionnaires across the system with the touch of a button
  • Create, store and run reports across different levels of the system and over different offices
  • Allow read only access to other stakeholders

The cost savings and dynamic functionality of systems built using these techniques make a large number of traditional software packages look static and outdated. Information System like these can be expanded to cover over 500 offices by non – technical internal staff members without any additional license fees and it can be done in a matter of seconds.

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