Conveyancing Systems – Online Case Management

As part of a drive to promote government changes in E-Conveyancing, Northwest Online has developed an online E-Conveyancing system. Online Conveyancing Systems will become increasingly important with the impending legislative and market changes which will affect the property and residential conveyancing landscape. Pursuant to Part 5 of the Housing Act 2004, Home Information Packs (HIPs) will very soon become mandatory.

Conveyancing is one of the most appropriate applications for a web / browser based system. In today’s competitive market conditions the most successful and profitable practices are those that can deal with Conveyancing matters in a fast, accurate and efficient manner.

Northwest Online’s Web Case Tracking System and Online Conveyancing System modules allow solicitors and conveyancers to provide their clients with secure, real-time access to their case 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The systems modular construction and SQL / ASP.NET (2) framework means that each package can be tailored to the individual solicitors or conveyancing firm with the touch of a button.

Why Use A Web Based Conyenancing System?

Web based systems have a number of key benefits over traditional desktop solutions:

  • No Extortionate software licence fees for adding additionally users
  • No Additional Hardware required
  • Secure Access from any location to allow remote working & 3rd Party Access

In Brief the Conveyancing System Provides:

  • Online Conveyancing Case Management
  • Web Case Tracking for Clients to reduce administration costs
  • Email and SMS Case Updates
  • Web site design if required
  • Online Quoting Facility

How The Online Conveyancing And Client Tracking System Works.

This enables your clients to track the matters progress on the internet. It is designed to reduce the calls you may experience, whilst still offering the personal service which solicitors and conveyancers are renowned for. Again this enables 24/7 access, to Clients, Estate agents and other parties who are open at the weekends when you may not be and how will no longer need to call you for case updates.

When a client is added to the Online Conveyancing System a unique username and password is generated and is automatically sent to the client via Email or SMS. Client access can come via a link from your web site or through an online control panel. The client can log on and view a report for each matter within their case. The system also allows for estate agents, brokers or other parties to be allocated access to specific clients if required.

For each type of matter an agenda – a list of standard steps used to process the matter – is prepared. As each matter is progressed details of changes to the agenda are published to the Internet and the client is automatically informed of a case update via email and / or SMS. The client can then view their case through any web browser anywhere in the world. The result is that the client can quickly check on the progress of his/her matter any time, anywhere, without the need for a telephone call, saving both client and conveyancers valuable time.

Online Quoting

Online quoting or a Conveyancing calculator enables you to offer your potential clients a basic quotation on your web site, for your Conveyancing services. This is a great way of allowing potentially clients to see how much you will charge, and then instruct electronically if they decide to use your services. It has the 24/7 presence that the web offers, but which your firm will not normally be willing to supply.

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